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Unleash Your Sexy !

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

7 Reasons to Hire a Romance Concierge

Are you ready for a little more romance in your relationship? Is it time to turn up the heat in the bedroom and in your life? Have you sat down to Google “how to be more romantic” or “how to be sexier”? I know how it peek around to make sure no one walks up to find you searching the taboo questions. The questions we all think, but we are afraid to ask. Well, that’s probably how you ended up reading this blog about unleashing your sexy (or maybe you just like me, and you read all of my blogs). Either way, I’m here to share a little secret: you’re not alone in wanting to unleash the sexier side of who you are. It’s not uncommon. It’s not a bad thing. And, you’re perfectly fine with the desires you have. If you’re reading this blog, you’re more than likely ready to add spice to your sex life, turn up your intimacy levels to HIGH, and unlock the SEXY and CONFIDENT you. You’re in the right place. 

Romance, intimacy, and sex often seem to be interchangable during conversations these days. Yet, they all have significantly different meanings. Romance can refer to the acts and behaviors expressed to show interest or attraction to someone. Romance is the outcome of the intense chemistry and deep feelings. Most people express romance without pretense, and we definitely desire for others to “romance” us as a way to reveal how connected they are to us. On the other hand, intimacy is starkly different. Intimacy is the deep connection you may have with another person (persons) based on quality time you spend together, experiences you have, and details you share. Intimacy is often the deeper connection before or after romance. Well, you know what’s next....S-E-X. Not specifically happening in this order, but sex is the bodily connection between individuals who have intense attractions, romantic connections, and/or intimate relationships. Sex is the reaction to our desires and feelings. 

When you’re ready to unleash your sexy, you have to include all three elements into your life in order to get the full explosive experience you desire. Making sure you include romance, intimacy, and BANGIN’ sex is the way to receive ultimate satisfaction. The other way to make sure you receive ultimate satisfaction is to hire a romance curator (also known called a romance concierge). I’m the romance curator. My name is Stephanie, and I help you create the SEXY, HOT, and SATISFYING life you fantasize about. 

Here are 7 ways I can help you unleash your sexy (or your husband’s sexy...wink wink)... 

  1. Give you Spicy ideas for date night.

Yes, I can make sure you never have another boring date night of movies and missionary...ooops...I meant movies and cuddles. 

2. Hand - selected Mature & Sexy lingerie just for you.

The lingerie isn’t just for him (or her)’s for you too. I curate your lingerie looks to make sure you not only look HOT, but you feel MAGICAL.

3. Coach you on my ways to DEEPEN the intimacy levels with your partner .

I know it’s difficult to think of all the things you should be doing to keep your relationship healthy. I guide you through strategies and activities for deepening your connections.

4. Offer you FRESH & FUN accessories to add to your bedroom experience.

You don’t have to have boring sex anymore. I can help you change all of that.

5. Prepare you for your Sexy AF Photoshoot.

You’ve been preparing for your Boudoir 

shoot for months, and I can set it up to ensure it’s alluring and amazing. 

6. Shower your honey with a Gentlemen’s Night he won’t forget.

If you’re ready to give him a fun night away from home (that’s not the Gentlemen’s Club), I plan and execute the best parties for the gentlemen ONLY!

7. Help you choose the best bedroom gift for any occasion.

Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, or your anniversary, you definitely want to TURN up the ROMANCE. I’m here for it. I find, choose, and send exclusive, personalized gifts for you and yours straight to your front door. 

When the night is done, your bedroom should always be filled with fun, love, and romance! You should never have to leave your bedroom feeling like things were boring and mediocre. The sexy is hiding in there, and you simply need someone to help you unleash it. Let’s make that happen. 

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Stephanie L. Johnson is a Romance Concierge and Intimacy Strategist. Stephanie works to provide individuals and couples with personalized strategy designed to grow intimacy, understand sexuality, develop mental wellness, and live with confidence and faith. As a sexual wellness educator since 2014, Stephanie is an advocate for women and couples who desire to tackle their mental wellness while building their emotional and sexual intimacy. Stephanie is the owner of Intimate Celebrations Romance Boutique. She is also the founder of Savannah’s Women Uncorked & SexyandMental, a comprehensive safe space and ongoing campaign for women who experienced trauma and are ready to use their voice to grow. She is a proud member of the NAMI community with professional vendor relationships with kink masters, boudoir photographers, travel concierge companies, hair stylists, and makeup artists. Learn more about Stephanie & Intimate Celebrations at



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