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Romance Concierge

We Curate Intimate Experiences For Couples To Celebrate Intimacy!

Your Favorite Romance Concierges 

Explore Intimate Celebrations Romance Concierge Company Where We Curate A Safe Space For You To Explore Intimacy By Celebrating All Your Intimate Occasions!

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Allow Us To Create The Perfect Ambiance

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Wedding Night Experience

Looking for an memorable intimate date night experience ?

Then we are the Romance Concierges for you !

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     Intimate Planning

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Is time and creativity standing in the way of you creating more intimate moments?

Intimate Celebrations Romance Concierge Company  Is Your Exclusive Destination For All Things Intimate. Located In The Heart of Savannah,  Intimate Celebrations Romance Concierge Company Offers An Array Of Experiences Including Intimate Apparel, Intimate Gifts, Intimate Essentials, and Intimate Date Night Experiences.

Intimate Celebrations Romance Concierge Company Caters To Individuals and Couples With A Personalized Strategy Designed To Grow Intimacy, Understand Sexuality, Develop  Mental Wellness, and Live With Confidence and Faith. 

The Intimate Experience

We Create A Safe Space For  Women and Couples To Celebrate Intimacy !

Curating Your Experience !

Upon booking, we will send you an intimate questionnaire to get to know more about you and your mates intimate needs.  We gather all the intimate  details, from where you first met, her favorite things, to what you love to do together. From there, our experienced and trained romance concierges  will take those details that are unique to your relationship, and curate your intimate experience . Each romantic experience is curated just for you, and never is duplicated by another experience.

Intimacy Consult & Planning !

After receiving your intimate questionnaire , we will schedule a phone for a consultation to review the ideas and answer questions you may have for your intimate experience. We will then decide and finalize your intimate experience  As your Romance Concierge we will  work our magic to bring your intimate experience  to life! We will use our team of qualified vendors to provide high-quality products and services to help us help you celebrate intimacy ! Your  Romance Concierge will carefully curate each detail, from the color palette, location setting, and custom decor to ensure that the final experience is everything and more !

Your Experience Awaits !

The day of your intimate experience , we will take care of the logistics so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the ambiance. Handling the day of coordination yourself is the quickest way to turn your special day into a stressful day. Our Romance Concierges are trained and experienced to deal with anything you may forget while planning your intimate evening. We will coordinate with you or any hotel staff to help make your intimate night a night you won't forget.  We are only a text or phone call away and will let you know when your intimate suite is complete !

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